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Apes and Angels

Gallery of Wonder

Australian Animal Studies Group

Fashioning Feathers  

Things Unspoken


Antennae-Issue 20: Alternative Ornithologies- 2012, Revisiting Wonder by Merle Patchett (p123-134)

Antennae- Issue 6: Rogue Taxidermy - 2008, Multimedia Taxidermy by Eric Frank (p44-50)

Nature Calls: Animals in Visual Culture Resonance fm, London Arts Radio -May 2010


Illustrated Papers:

New Networks for Nature: Stamford, November 2012 reviewed by Hugh Warwick in The Ecologist

Cosmopolitan AnimalsInstitute of English Studies, University of London, October 2012

Animal Integrity: human animal relationships from different perspectives, ECA, December 2011

Pidgin Language: Animals, Birds and Us, Kings Lynn Arts Centre, October 2009 reviewed by Helen Bullard in Art and Research, Summer 2011

Animal Afterlives: Hunterian Zoology Museum, Glasgow University, November 2006



Translocal Institute for Contemporary Art

Satellite Salon 

Antennae- The Journal of Nature in Visual Culture

Nature Calls: Animals in Visual Culture

Roslin Institute

James Brook